01 October 2015

Drawing closer and closer

Its a beautiful rainy day. My heart is yearning for more, craving for more of you Oh Lord.
Its my desire, Oh Lord, to draw near to You. Moment by moment.
Drawing closer and closer, through Your word,
Through the Holy Spirit, for to will and to act is not mine but Yours.
A giddy feeling, i'm falling in love with You Oh Lord.
I love you Lord.
I love you, since You loved me first.
I dont want to seek You only when I'm down,
But i long to seek You all the days of my life.

Drawing closer and closer to you
From the moment I woke up, I pray that its you I seek,
not the message on my mobile phone nor the update on my face book nor the tweet on my twitter.
Drawing closer to you as I face my subscribers, as I serve them, Lord give me patience,
Let me hear their woes and not react,
Let me take time to listen than to hurry,
Let me give quality service than quantity.
And at times I fail give me a humble heart to accept correction.

As I draw closer and closer, Lord
Let me serve with joy,
I admit that many times I frown,
But im confident that As I draw closer, Id be more smiling and accommodating.

And before I lay my head to sleep,
let Your word shield me and my heart be filled with gratitude and love of Your
faithfulness and Your goodness.

30 September 2015

Im inspired, im kilig much and Im back....

Im back, the last blog update was June 9, almost months ago.
I just cant fight this feeling any more.Im too inspired. I have to blog this.  I was never this gaga over a love team before until ALDUB you came. Lola Nidora's words of wisdom

     I never tweeted this much dont know even how to tweet and now the Alduberkads taught me how and how I became from a tweeter then turned abangers, and team replay. I never stalked this much. Ive been stalking Meng and enjoyed reading her blog, but today to my surprise, was not able to read she already exceeded here bandwidth, for sure she's been very busy the past few days. Ive been been this kilig much by any love team until ALDub came. Always bring goose bumps and kilig factor, and made me feel how lovely it is to fall in love and be inlove.

  In love with the LOrd should be my main agenda.  I also realized, I hope I could be this excited in reading God's word, also stalking God, and being kilig with God. I should always be, it should always be more than the ALDUB kilig factor. For HE is a jealous GOd and expects utmost adoration from me in all that I do. Also a reminder for all of us as fans, always remember that our relationship with God is more important than anything else. And at the end of the its between God and me, my relationship with that matters most.

09 June 2015

Waiting for Linsanity Version 2.0

Im a lin fan. Im so linlove and Im bored.  Why does time seems to drag in the basketball world.
There's still the asian tour and free agency and a lot more going on. Its still the finals season and its just boring without Lin in the limelight. Waited for linsanity 2.0 to happen but it didnt. Byron was a coach who made all he can to stop or prevent linsanity from happening in LA. He made a good job making it stressful for Lin and ending a very tiring season  for Lin. Got to wait a little more longer,  wait for the finals to finish and then free agency and I hope next season is for Lin, just for Lin. Im just one of the fans rooting for Lin and will be there to support him all the way. After the finals then free agency, I dream of a Lin-D Antoni reunion and a team that will let him play his type of game. Go Lin.
Hoping for Linsanity 2.0
Linsanity 2.0

06 June 2015

How old do I look

How apps can flatter us in special ways like looking younger

I just tries this app the How-old.net
And Guess what, I look 27 years old. 
Of course I am flattered coz Im already 39 and its so flattering to know that
I look 27. So that would mean I look 12 years younger!
Wow. Sounds good for me.
How about you would you like to try for yourself?
Here's the link  http://how-old.net/#results

03 June 2015

Because Im Choleric, Its not an excuse

          If you are a customer like me and you look like this like me, surely the customers will feel scared. Maybe you would have second thoughts in approaching or  giving your concerns. Hmmm I have received side comments about the way I look, stern face, heavy face, not smiling. Well, it hurts and its the truth and often time I retaliate, I rebel and i justify myself. Just like what happened this morning, the lady was looking for the sweet and kind customer beside me. And when she left, I heard them conversing with the guard and I accidentally heard the word "bug-at ug nawong" which means heavy face or stern face not friendly face. I got a little defensive about it. And realized that I should have a godly response to this kind of situation.

        I know I should take it on the lighter side and use the criticism as positively as I can, for change for the better, for me to improve. My temperament is never an excuse for me to justify my short comings. I know its a personal matter but I should apply all that I have learned, and a question popped and I asked myself is Christlikeness reflected in my actions and how I deal with people? Have I become a blessing?  I know I should reflect God's love and mercy to others.  I got guilty about it,  I know I should have been kinder and should have been its a challenge for me to improve. I have to smile because a customer service should be helpful, should be friendly and should be approachable with a light face not a heavy face.

How to look approachable:
1. Smile - though  have tantrums I should serve with a smile.
2. Be patient - Im impatient and I know to be an effective servant I should listen and take time to wait for the subscribers, not hurry but have quality time with them.
3. Smile - I have to remind myself as constantly as I can coz I have the tendency to have that tiger look which could be scarry to look at.
4. Be accommodating -   dont make subs feel they are not welcome
5. Smile
6. Pray
7. Begin the day with God's word.
8. Pray always.

Trust His Heart

Trust His Heart

All things work for our good

Though sometimes we don't
See how they could
Struggles that break our hearts in two
Sometimes blind us to the truth
Our Father knows what's best for us
His ways are not our own
     So when your pathway grows dim
            And you just don't
         Remember your never alone


God is too wise to be mistaken
God is too good to be unkind
So when you don't understand
When don't see his plan
When you can't trace his hand
Trust His Heart

He sees the master plan
He holds the future in his hand,
So don't live as those who have no hope,
ALL our hope is found in him.
We see the present clearly
He sees the first and last
And like a tapestry He's weaving you and me,
To someday be just like him


He alone is faithful and true
He alone knows what is best for you


When you can't trace his hand
When you don't see his plan
When you don't understand
Trust His Heart

My Song for the month, Introduced by our bible study leader. Its a song that touches the heart and comforts us. Its a song that I will be singing to remind myself of how I am loved by God. All His plans for me, all the hope that I can only find in Him. He knows whats best for me, even if at times I grope in the dark and His light is the only light I see, a glimmer of hope, as intricate as a tapestry He wove me and as complex as the the puzzle He has a arranged everything for me. Though at times I may not fully comprehend it, or at times I seem not to understand I just have to trust His heart. Not mine, not others but His.