Gipangga Mo Ako

Gipangga Mo ako, matod sa pulong Mo
Bisan sa kapakyasan, gipasaylo Mo ako
O Diyos, daygon ko Ikaw… Ikaw
Pagasimbahon ug alagaran ko Ikaw
Sa bisan asa pa, ngalan Mo ibayaw ko
Labihan ang grasya Mo
Nga gikahatag kanamo
Pagasimbahon ug alagaran ko Ikaw

Love this song so much.
The closing song of our sunday fellowship, and the lyrics just touched my heart in a very special way. The song is about God's unconditional love to a sinner like me. Im a sinner, but im special to God He died on the cross for my sin. Even with the countless times I failed and hurt Him, He is always there to forgive as long as we come to Him with a humble heart. He deserves our utmost praise and adoration.

Let your speech be better than silence

Let your speech be better than silence; otherwise be silent.
That just hurt me deep. So deep. I felt ashamed with my words. Im supposed to be the customer service officer and I should be kind. Gifts of the spirit. I should always keep that in mind.

So help me God.

Buti na lang, Sabado bukas

I love you sabado.
I Love Eheads.

It was during my college days that I fell in love with the Eheads. First heard the song from a sophomore Computer Science student during our department acquaintance party at the beach.I was just on my first year computer science @ MSU-IIT. I forgot the boy who sang the song but never forget the song. Toyang. They try to tell us were too young, too young to really be in love. How could I forget my first love for rock music. I fell in love the first time, learned to play the guitar and played my first guitar song El Bimbo. I was a fan. One of the many thousands if not one of the million fans. I sang some of the off key songs and stories of a young student like me. I loved Eheads and am still in love with them. 

When they called it quits last 2002, it broke my heart. I cried. My first broken heart. And when they had the reunion concert I had high hopes for new songs and looking forward of seeing more gigs of the Eheads together. But again, like a bitter sweet refrain it was only for a while and the music died. But their songs kept playing. Though I broke my heart I was still in love, very much in love.

And Now, we are in in each others arms with sabado and 1995.
Brings me back to those good old days. Eraserheads. 
Soon, the air waves will be playing their songs and a sure hit.

Buti na lang, Sabado bukas
Pwede tayo lumabas
Humanap ng gagawin
Di na kailangang isipin

Buti na lang, Sabado bukas
At pwede na tayo magwala
Kung magsisi sa huli
Kesa naman walang nangyari

Buti na lang, Sabado bukas
Pwede tayo magpuyat
Sulitin nahanggang Linggo
Kahit saan, wag lamang dito

At pagpanaw ng araw
At paglalim ng dilim
Ang oras ay lumipas
Di na natin maibabalik

Itapon ang kahapon
Yakapin ang darating
At kung kailangan mo ako
Lagi naman ako nandito

Buti na lang, Sabado bukas
Buti na lang, Sabado bukas
Hanapin man nila tayo
Sabihin na lang wala tayo dito

Book mark para sa Pilipinas

Todo na ito  para sa Pilipinas

Im really serious. Nail bookmark for the Philippines and beyond. Im preparing these for MSU Iligan city second batch. I have to make more coz the first batch is very limited.
I hope I can give as many bookmarks as I can. Im doing it daily and with a smile.
To my blog readers and visitors in the Philippines, I hope you can help me too.
I can send you the nail book marks thru LBC and I hope you help me distribute.
Just leave a comment with your name and address and I will send you the nail book marks for free. Yes, its right, definitely for free.
SO that you can give it to your family friends officemates and relatives.
I will be giving minimum of 20 nail bookmarks and maximum of 50 pieces.
Hope to hear from you.
God bless and have a nice day.

Areas Reached to date

MSU-Iligan City
Cebu City
MSU- Marawi
MUST - Cagayan de oro City
COC - Cagayan de Oro City

The Grace Card

Love this movie

I have seen The Grace Card story last night and was deeply touched. I cried. 
Its about forgiveness and loving God, loving others and forgiving ourselves. I hope and pray that you will also watch it and be touched and be reminded that we were forgiven and we also give forgiveness and forgive ourselves as well.

Get off your knees and pray qoutes

My reading update.
Found this book at book sale for only 125.00 pesos and its worth every peso. Guess, more than enough the learnings and the insights.Its precious. Its priceless.
Its almost middle of the month and Im still not half through this first book.
I so love this book. It hit me at my weakest. 
My kryptonite. My prayer life.
I must admit, its my one of the weakest points of my spiritual life.
Though im still not a mother like the author, I can relate much to her.
Prayer life.


We love, treasure, and support one another. We love at the petty indignities of aging and cry together when life takes one of us through a dark night.
He gladly receives our words and He sees our hearts. Any prayer is a gift to Him, for it means we are talking to Him. We have to take the first step - and begin embracing prayer as part of our daily lives, as vital to us as breathing.

Prayer is not just a few sentences we say to God while on our knees, but it is living out our outgoing, every moment commitment to God.

The greatest source of joy and peace in my life today is the absolute conviction that I can come to God as I am loved and be loved and be accepted. I can tell God my hopes, my dreams, share my disappointments and hurts.

Talk to God and take time to listen. NO matter how vertically challenged we believe our selves to be, God is listening and talking to us all the time. We only need to learn to stop and listen. 

Nail bookmarks for the Philippines and Beyond

I received a dramatic bookmark a few years ago.
I call it dramatic for I never received a bookmark before.
As far as I could vividly remember It was quiet big for a card, with very soft paper used and the most dramatic of it all was that there's a nail tied with a ribbon.
The nail was almost rusty and not even that fixed properly in place.
But the message of the nail book mark struck me, it touched me in a very  special way.
These were the very words;

We have a gift for you-
just a simple nail.

However you will never be able to use it for the purpose that it was intended. It will never join two pieces of wood or fasten a picture to a wall. This nail will probably never be hammered by you – we don’t think anyone could bring themselves to do it. Not this particular nail. Let this nail, instead, serve as a reminder each time you find it again. That you matter to someone. If you ever doubt your worth or value, if you ever doubt that you are loved. Hold this nail just for a moment and reflect. God so loved the world that He gave His only Son... while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. Believe and remember. How much you hurt or how much you suffer, you are loved. Never forget that Jesus was held on the cross not by nails but by LOVE

I thought about it.  And decided to to improve and over the years made to be given to conferences in our church. But I have decided to share it to subscribers, to friends and even my officemates.  And one day I dreamed of making it big time. I dreamed of making the boomarks dreaming it would reach the whole Philippines and beyond. Sounds impossible, but I have a God of impossibilities and who knows where it would reach. All I have to do is make those nail bookmarks and give give and give.

Initially, I have given almost 50 pieces to my former library boss way back in college in MSU-IIT, almost a hundred pieces to MUST a college school in our city, and will be sending soon 100 more piece to Dipolog through my best friend and classmate in college. Last may 2014 I also gave almost 50 pieces to my call center friends.

This is an impossible dream. But, I leave it all to GOd. 

For Dipolog


For MUST Cagayan de Oro City

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