21 January 2019

Zelmarq's baked sweet and sour meatballs

baked sweet and sour meatbals

baked sweet and sour meatballs
Zelmarq's Sweet and sour meatballs Recipe

1/2 of ground pork
1 whole carrot
I whole red pepper (atsal)
1 tayobong
2 pcs eggs
3 cloves garlic
I whole white onion

18 January 2019

Portulaca gilliesii addict

Started with one pot and now I have propagated this all time favorite succulent. Not hard to care and one of the hardy succulents; lots of sun and water And you’ll get the happy red color with her pretty pink flowers.

16 January 2019

A month of neglect

Yay! So much to do so little time. Let’s get it on!
Finding time to remove the weeds before it chokes the plant. 
Hmmmmm; need to make remove the roots; I plan to bring batches of plants inside and do the unweeding while watching tv.  ( Is there an unweeding word in the dictionary? wahahhhahaha I'not so good with words so pardon me for inventing words)I don't watch much tv but its better doing it inside the house; the heat might affect my unweeding battle.  Getting my hands dirty is a kind if therapy; the feel of dirt and soil and the relief if pulling each weed that starts to choke the poor plants. The weeds sucked the life out of the poor cacti, they crowded the nutrient rich dirt, preventing the new, robust cactus and succulents.

The process reminds me of  the weeds in my heart.Worries, doubts, fears, hatred, resentment,insecurities and a lot more. Its choking my heart. And my own confidence and own strength would not suffice. I'm so human with all my frailties and need God to help me up root those weeds that slowly choked it. 

The process. Pulling weeds from the garden of my heart.

Its uncomfortable.

Its painful.

But it's time to slowly let it go.

Time for new growth.

Time for new life.

Im back for good

Its over a year ago since my last post.
Welcome back to me.
Why now that I have no work and well;if id like to be really be seriously blogging I can surely do it.
Its the Cns addiction or commonly knowm as cactus and succulents.
Its really what I do maybe 75% of my time daily and  I plan to blog about them.
Which means that would mean improved blogging time.
Im just so glad, Im back on track.

My kind od therapy

      I never thought that its more than a year that I was able to blog. I did'nt even noticed that I was able to chronicle my renewed passion for cactus and succulents here in this blog. And its really something that I missed. Oh wow! What a waste; so sayang; I hope I still have my first purchased succulent and how it died a week after and how I traveled unfamiliar grounds just to buy my second chance cactus and succulents and how it felt after I did my first online line cactus and succulents order.
     I wish I could turn back time; wahahahaha wishful thinking; but I hope I was able to document properly coz there's always a hundred percent chance that Id be able to post those again.

     Well its time to hunt my facebook pictures and see if I had them there; I even created a facebook page so that I can post unlimited pictures and soon will be deleting it i a two weeks time because of careless and and it has caused me trouble.

     At one point, I call this my kind of therapy and also my source of stress, wahahahaha but not much. I get stressed when I'm not at home and the plants make me worry a whole lot wahahaha.

      I've been through mild depression when I came here to Cebu three years ago, gave up my 18 career at PLDT after our wedding, a new strange place with no friends, away from my comfort zone which is Cagayan de Oro. It was not easy. There were days I felt self pity with no job and just at home, I felt useless and with no regular earnings. I was an independent woman the bread winner of the family for since papa died and now. I felt the room was a prison cell for months. I was just sleeping all day long. I dont take a bath the way I used to when I was in the corporate world. I was always sad and lonely and alone and still adjusting the married life. I was unproductive during those first months in Cebu. I was away, I was in a battle with those giants I created on my own. I used to wake up so early in the morning mostly at dawn to do quiet time with the Lord but I was consumed by my own doing. But one day God spoke to me in Psalm 23:6 Surely your  goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life. I was like the verse popped and woke me up from such uselessness and self pity,I was not giving God thanks for all the blessings He showered to me that time. But praise God  for His unfailing love. He wants to use me for His glory.

     I praise God for He has taught me to be thankful in all the blessings in life, counting my blessings and with a thankful heart.

     Thank you ate Juby for helping through the help of cns. Its been a three year journey now and its a loving and growing relationship with new found friends and family.

25 September 2017

Silent tears

It looks lovely and cute to look at; But I went through a painful process grafting this asteria on this pereskiopsis. But it was a kind of pain that went away. As the days dragged i no longer felt the pain. There's a kind of pain that I have caused others and the guilt is a pain that is seven times more excruciating than the later. A pain that pierced the heart; a pain that lingers on; before you sleep and even when u wake; it hunts you. And tears fall; silent tears. The kind of pain that you just lift to the heavens and pray that soon it will go away.
Id rather be pricked by a cactus than cause some one to cry.

12 April 2016

Life Begins @40, mine has started

       October was my last post!?

      Im just glad Im back to posting again, and as expected since Im now jobless Id be expecting more posts from me on the coming days.

     From October up to now so much has happened.
     Things have  changed. I never thought it could be that soon.
     I just got married!
    Yes, before I turned 40, I got married.
    Resigned from work, moved to another place, the place where I call home, but then still Im far away from home. Still under adjustment period or maybe Id call it the start of the adjustment period for I know its going to be for a lifetime. Im used to have a hectic schedule and Im glad Im no longer working in a very toxic environment. But I miss working, for almost 20 years Ive been working and now Im wasting time sleeping and sleeping internet and just goofing around. 
Wew! Married life.
Im used to sleeping alone, eating lunch alone, doing grocery alone and now somebody is snoring beside me at night. Sometimes I wake up in the  middle of the night all because of husband's snore. :)
Im thankful, very thankful all the blessings and the change going my way.And I just celebrated my 40th birthday last Februray 15 with my husband and family here in Cebu. For 7 years  we celebrated our first Valentine's Day together. Why?
Its a long distance relationship, It was the first valentine's dates and the first birthday with him. It was a birthday to remember. Im used to receiving birthday cards and valentines card and it was my first time that I had that very special day.
Life begins at 40, its a whole new beginning, a whole new chapter of my life. 
God has always been there every step of the way, ups and downs, tears and laughter, and through it all Im not letting go, Lord Im holding on. Im holding on to you. In this marriage You Oh Lord is the center, You are the Center of our lives. Its tough, its hard, its lonely doing it alone in this far place from home but I know Lord You will always be there as long as I cling unto You forever. Your word in my heart and in all that I do.