a pleasant morning to all

I took a temperament test this day just for fun and just to see if I have the same a few years ago and I did have the same results. Im still the ChlorMel Choleric -  Melancholy.

The ChlorMel “The choleric/melancholy is an extremely industrious and capable person. The optimism and practicality of the choleric overcome the tendency toward moodiness of the melancholy, making the ChlorMel both goal-oriented and detailed. Such a person usually does well in school, possesses a quick, analytical mind, yet is decisive. She develops into a thorough leader, the kind whom one can always count on to do an extraordinary job. Never take her on in debate unless you are assured of your facts, for she will make mincemeat of you, combining verbal aggressiveness and attendance to detail.” (LaHaye, 1984,pp.25-26) “This person is extremely competitive and forceful in all that she does. She is a dogged researcher and is usually successful, no matter what kind of business she pursues. This personality type probably make the best natural leader. General George S. Patton, the great commander of the U.S. Third Army in World War II who drove the German forces back to Berlin, was probably a ChlorMel.”(LaHaye, 1984, p.26) “Equally as great as her strengths are her weaknesses. She is apt to be autocratic, a dictator type who inspires admiration and hate simultaneously. She is usually a quick-witted talker whose sarcasm can devastate others. She is a natural-born crusader whose work habits are irregular and long.” (LaHaye,1984, p.26) “A ChlorMel harbours considerable hostility and resentment, and unless she enjoys a good love relationship with her parents, she will find interpersonal relationships difficult, particularly with her family. No man is more apt to be an overly strict disciplinarian than the ChlorMel father. He combines the hard-to-please tendency of the choleric and the perfectionism of the melancholy.”

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It is abnormal for a christian not to have an appetit  
for the impossible. It has been written
into our spirtual DNA to
hunger forthe impossibilities
around us and to bow at the name 
Of Jesus.

-Bill Johson
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Blanket victory
Victory over those blankets in the morning hours!
Until we began to receive God's word daily, we will never had the willpower to get up early in the morning for a time of prayer. Im glad I have blanket victory. Before its really hard to get up in the wee hours in the morning and read the Bible and pray. I prayed to the Lord and asked for strength and wisdom to really do my heart's desire to really wake up early in the morning and talk to God.
At first it was really hard, you know the feeling of sleeping more and loving the comfort of the pillow and the blanket over your body, its really irresistable. I feel so lazy to wake up. When the alarm resonates and wants to be heard, I just turn it off and doze back to my slumber.
Then one day I really made that decision. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and started reading the Bible, digesting each word that was like knife that touched my heart and made me cry. God's word so alive, it revealed to me. His promises so true He wont let me down. He will always be there for me, despite my sins, despite my short comings and failures still He never sleeps and never slumbers. \
Thank you Lord.
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Im old but young at heart.
Nakikiuso lang with these loom bands. I slept late last night and made my first bracelet loom band.
wahehehehehe. isip bata me but I enjoyed making it.
Thanks to youtube for the guide.
I plan to make another design if I have the time.
Will try to make with the colorful ones.
Black rubber bands

Tried making one with youtube tutorial with fish tail design
Almost there......

The finished product

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