20 March 2015

Brilliantly disguised as impossible situations

We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.

Wow, Chuck Swindoll is an all time favorite of mine, I bought one ebook that cost me less than five  hundred pesos and ts was worth the purchase. Each line filled with so much wisdom, that I have to read it over and over again to digest the meaty message. Very well written, words piercing through and digging deep into the chambers of my heart, words resonating, clingling, reminded of God's unfathomable love.

The past few days, I confess that I have magnified the impossible situations not seeing the great opportunities that goes with the emotional roller coaster, guilty of not really inviting God to help me survive the day of complaints, negativity, problems, concerns of subscribers for the day. What a shame? Shame on me! I felt that it was all me, and to the extent of blaming myself.There were times, I felt like breaking and silly thoughts coming and worst even thoughts of surrendering giving up.

But, things happen for a reason,  I know if I survive this point in my life, surely I will learn something. That I should learn to appreciate and just allow God to move the pieces in my life and being confident that he will carry it all for my welfare.

There are things certainly beyond my control and I thank God for giving me the strength to survive and to pass with His guidance for I know He will indeed fulfill His promises and He will never leave me through thick and thin. All I have to do is cling unto Him, seek His word daily and apply what I have learned not just head knowledge. Its easier said than done, but I acknowledge that apart from Him I can do nothing. I depend all to God and His power that is at work within me.

So when tough times comes, its where God's power is displayed. 

13 March 2015

The New Tag heuer ambassador

Jeremy Lin

The reason why I started watching NBA, the reason I tweet, the reason I watch lakers. Ultimate role model to the young, the friend, great character, humble, trust worthy and does not crack under pressure. JEREMY LIN!!!!!!!!!! Worthy to be Tag Heuer endoreser.

 Hope you enjoy watching this Video.

11 March 2015

I guess im back to blogging :)

Ive been very busy these days.
And guess what? Ive been busy with twitter, linforums and basketball.
It ended the year 2014 and I started the year 2015 with a BANG!
I got addicted to it and found no time to blog, and just now, I read the previous posts and touched me deeply and now for a moment, a snap of a second, a change of heart, an emotional awakening,
And when I say, blog for real, I know I have to make it happen. Wow, thats going to be a lot of pressure on me but, I have to at least give myself a chance to blog even just one post per week. Hmmm, I think its something I can maintain, considering that I can make  daily posts in facebook.
And, at this point, I might be able to post more than once a week. Wow! And I know you might want to ask why? Well, Im emotionally down at this minute, right at this time. NOW, here! Just got scolded by an irate subscriber, I know it was my fault. Thats when joy in serving seems to fade away, and something thats pulling me down. I claim to be a Christian but why do I act like this. I easily get hurt, I answer back and Im being arrogant.

15 January 2015

Just Jlin

     Im Jeremy Lin fan. Im not really happy with the way he is treated in LAkers with coach Byron Scott. When he performs in a certian game for sure the next games will be bad news for Jeremy. I dont know, as if he is punished for playing well.

     I visit the site  everday and exchange thoughts and ideas  with Jemremy Lin fans and also at times find myself defending Lin and fighting with those who talk against our man Jlin.

     Evenso, I continue to support him and will continue to do so with the way he is treated. Hope he'll be traded to some team like Knicks. There are rumors about trade to other teams and its I will have to be patient till the middle of february 2015. Just Jlin.

13 January 2015

Welcome 2015!

Its still 2015!
Happy new year to all!
Its another year, we praise and thank the Lord for a new year a new opportunity to welcome the new year with a new heart, mind and soul. Leaving all the past behind.

And this year I would really make it a point to claim God's promises daily in my life.
And i'm gonna start it today.

Isaiah 60:10-12

10 “Foreigners will rebuild your walls,
    and their kings will serve you.
Though in anger I struck you,
    in favor I will show you compassion.
11 Your gates will always stand open,
    they will never be shut, day or night,
so that people may bring you the wealth of the nations
    their kings led in triumphal procession.
12 For the nation or kingdom that will not serve you will perish;
    it will be utterly ruined.