30 December 2005

2006 Resolutions

Lets leave behind the other year with a cheerful heart and face this year ahead with ready and prayerfull hearts. The past year is coming to an end and lets take with us the lessons learned.

In the coming year ( The YEAR of The DOG) I hope to be a more patient person especially in dealing with subscribers- I know i have not been a good listener as a customer service officer the past year- i should improve also my voice- that i may not sound unpleasant and irritating. This year i want to listen more and talk less which would hopefully help me understand other people more and hear their side as well. Also this year I want to find more time for my family and friends. Also, improve my blog and gain friends through blogging......And read from fellow bloggers around the world.


Kathie said...

Hi, you mentioned on BlogExplosion and your blog that you want to improve it. But how? I'm new to blogging but what you have so far looks fine to me. I am learning by visiting heaps of others though!

Happy New Year and may God bless you in all that you turn your hand to!

Kathie T.
"A Clayton's Secretary"®
http://www.vadirectory.blogspot.com VA Blog
http://thomases.org/blog/ Family Blog

kristian said...

apil pod ni nga link sa imoha blog hehhehe http://krizian.blogspot.com