28 December 2005

At This Now....

A year has passed -beyond recall
save that of memory.
Its heightsand depths,
successesand failures,
are history now,
beyond our change.
The clock of time
will not turn backto null
some bador add some good.
A year's ahead -replete with possibility.
We want it richwith all the bestand no regrets.
And at this NOW,
this razor-edge of time
at which the future possibility
comes to pass,
or joins the failures of the past...
at this NOW,the only opportunity
in which those hopesmay reach reality...
how to be rid,and not increase,
this loadof disappointing failure?
Lord God,I cannot changethe past -
forgive my guilt!
Nor can I fail to miss
each moment
and all your glorious best for me,
except you help me now!
© Peter J Blackburn