09 December 2005

Its Vague

Vague things frustate me. I just dont like the feeling of being left there and dont seem to figure what the truth is. Christmas is fast approaching and work is getting annnoying each day ( since i was told by a foriegner once that i have the worst job in the world). I happen to be a customer service officer of a telecommunications company (meaning not a day goes by that i dont get cursed or i dont get obscene remarks from subscribers) but despite the heart breaking kind of job i have i count myself fortunate enough, with the current economic crisis it hard to find a decent job. And then, a few weeks ago the bad news came....WE HAVE NO BONUS!!!!!, and there's a possible manpower reduction (another brain damaging and heart breaking news). True or not but, it felt bad and somewhat dismayed. It may be that big but i was looking forward to that yearly gift. Well, thats life, its coupled with the good and the bad things and its up and its downs. But i have not lost my hope that things would still go the other way around. I still pray, all things are possible. I know when its meant for me He will give it.