12 December 2005

The Nail

We have a gift for you-
just a simple nail.
However you will never be able
to use it for the purpose that
it was intended. It will never
join two pieces of wood or
fasten a picture to a wall.
This nail will probably never be
hammered by you – we don’t
think anyone could bring
themselves to do it-
Not this particular nail.
Let this nail, instead, serve
as a reminder each time you
see it, each time you find
it again.
That you matter to someone.
if you ever doubt your worth
or value, if you ever doubt
that you are loved,
hold this nail just for a
Moment and reflect.
God so loved the world
That he gave His only
begotten Son…
while we were yet sinners
Christ died for us.
Believe and remember.
How much you hurt or
How much you suffer,
You are loved.
Never forget that
Jesus was held to the
Cross not by nails
But by love.


Anonymous said...

this is such an inspiring poem!