08 December 2005

Not You

I came to see one night,
and saw the chapters of my life.
Stopped at the point of meeting you,
how i felt those feelings new.
I thought it ended there,
but it started a one-sided love affair,
you didn't know i was loving you
with my heart's glow.
I wondered why my heart beat for you,
just like a mistle toe,
it bursted there,
revealing magnificent colors i can only glare.
Minutes seemed eternity with you around,
with your presence blue skies would abound.
And on a falling star i wished that you,
would somehow feel the way I do.
Woke up with a tear one day,
that i molded hypocrisy of clay,
chose to look your way,
only to chase my blues away.
There's no use dreaming of you,
with my heart aches long overdue,
I know somewhere, someone, somehow who's worthy of my love so true,
and maybe its not you.

A poem made out of the abundance of my heart a few years ago ( college years)..., a poem made not for a boyfriend, not for an ex lover, but for a crush,...he was just a classmate not formally introduced, i dont even know he if he knows i existed hehehehehe. It was I guess part of growing up and a point in my life that I have felt I was in love. Call it infatuation or or something else, one thing I know it felt good, its something that makes you smile. Now I realized that I was just in love with the thought of falling in love.