17 January 2006

A new world...

Blogging, a foreign word which didnt understand but when I started doing mine that was powered by Typepad through Friendster I appreciated the idea of being able to share my thoughts, inspiring messages, lyrics and chords of songs and even pictures to my friends. There are really lots of things we can do when we blog.
A friend introduced me to Blogger and told me about the money that we can get through it. I did joined the invitation have started my journey of such a very new world, a world that that I have learned to appreciate and would love to learn more. Its not about the money nor the six figure monetary advances it might offer coz I know mine would not even reach a single dollar earning. Its all about the friends that you get to know, blogging is a about learning and being able to share thoughts with others.
As the year of the Dog entered i have new words added to my vocabulary; Adsense,banner making , site feeds, meta tags,traffic, categories , and have been busy learning and researching more on these things that I found to be very interesting. Its a complex world and im taking it one step at a time.