01 February 2006

My Knight!!!

Aside from physical features, there are eight essential traits I look for in a man.

Looking for

Male Homo sapiens


I. God fearing
he must be someone who loves the Lord above all... someone who loves the Lord more than me...
II. Intelligence with humor
does not have to be like Albert Einstien but someone who is interesting enough

III. Understanding
Im a very unpredictable lass
just the kind who could balance it

IV. Must know how to cook
food is the way to a woman's heart

V. Nature and pet lover

someone who enjoys great sunsets, great beaches,
great views and who'd be glad to help with my cacti collection
enjoys the company of my many cats and dogs
VI. Apologetic
It takes more courage
To say one word instead of three
Egotists, sorry

VII Poetic and thoughful
Oh my Juliet, Oh Romeo my Romeo
its really romantic if someone gives u poems and sweet stuff
like chocolates and flowers.....

VIII Historical
its also nice if he would remember important and significant dates
like anniversaries or monthsaries, birthdays

Thanks to Corsarius who tagged me to do this. The haikus aren't required, I just spiced up the meme. Now let's see, can Theresa, Krizian, Gary, Kaileena, Eemboz and Cora answer the call?

The basic rules: The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.Need to mention the sex of the target.Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again. Example here.



Anonymous said...

hmmmm nice way to generate a traffic ha....hehehe ako comment is imo knight will come in due time...when you choose a guy, you decide to love not by chance but by choice.....so it is either you wait and fantasize or move and do some beauty tips to get him..hehehhehe

ZELMARQ said...

thanks for the comment ha; who ever u are thank u for visiting my site; wa lang koy lingaw!!!

SweetSerendipity88 said...

This is fun! (especially when everybody tagged would respond). I believe that love will find you and NOT you finding it. The more you find it, the more elusive it becomes. So, just wait and hustle with your life - get busy with work, go out with friends, develop your interests like gardening, getting into a new sport or travelling, sooner or later it will come to you.And don't worry when most of your girl friends march down the aisle or coo with adorable & beautiful babies. Everybody has their own time; so are you. Just don't rush.A quote says, "Fools rush in where angels fear to thread." Don't let that happen to you.Whew! This question makes me pause for a while and evaluate the qualities I want in falling in love with my knight.I am really moved when a man is romantic(1),like, brings flowers to me even without occasion or daily,gives me a peck on the check when he leaves for the office/bades goodbye/just finds me beautiful, write love letters or emails when he's away or not, cooks food for me and most of all, remember our anniversary and special dates.It is also important for me that he should be faithful(2) and sincere with his love.I wouldn't allow myself to be in a serious relationship with a man who is playing hanky-panky or half-committed to the relationship.
It is important for me when he has a strong religious devotion and a firm faith in God(3). I want a relationship to be God-centered and it really matters to me.I would want to have a solid foundation to hold on to when the relationship is shaken on very difficult times.Next, he should be very understanding(4) because I am very fickle minded, unpredictable, a bit moody and a bit immature. I could overcome my limitations but not at all times; my guard just slips away, sometimes.Others would be healthy lifestyle(I don't like it when he smokes or drinks)(5), a nature & pet lover(watching the sunset and he's holding my hand; I love pets a lot and it's really nice when we have the same interests on animals)(6).Of course, there is nothing more better than to have an intelligent person(7) to talk to & share experiences.(8) And lastly, everything I would want for in my knight, everything I have written in here, speaks only for a M-A-N. Hurry! How long would I wait for you? Time is NOT F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

ZELMARQ said...

tosweetserendipity88: wew what a requirement; hope your knight would come your way. God bless!!!

Anonymous said...


I've known you for quite so long, & i could really tell that you've had your knight in shining armor right at the tip of your nose...keep him forever....hope i too will find mine soon....meanwhile let's rock the world !

8's me.....

ZELMARQ said...

hello anonymous....guess you are anonymous #2, thanks for the visit...hope u enjoyed ur stay here...just dont rush things, love will find its way to you sooner or later... God bless!!!

bing said...

i like that - not to rush into things. hope my daughter will be strong enough to wait for the right time.

Gary said...

there is a time for everything, a time to be born, a time to die and a time to be born again,a time laugh and a time to cry, a time to love and a time to hate under the sun.trust God ,He knows everything and he knows your needs and wants. He will give the desires of your heart when you abide in Him. Just pray to God, He is a quite time away.