20 February 2006

My yahoo email impersonated...

Yes, it was impersonated. My officemate asked me if I sent her an email message through yahoo, I told her I didnt send her any mail today. When I looked on her pc the subject was: Gwd; Protected Message and then there was an attachment file" F*ck her.exe". Oh my God! What if that thing who sent through my email have distributed that disgusting email to all my friends on my address book. I have to do something about this. I have emailed ahoo about the incident.

To all my friends pls immediately delete that suspcious email if u recieved it from me. I did not mail that. It might be some virus or something.Im really sorry about this inconvenience.

God bless!!!


Ayannali said...

sorry that happened to you. Hope Yahoo is able to sort it out for you

SweetSerendipity88 said...

I received an email too from Cone Knee but it's weird because the sender's name is only "Cone" and "Gwd" instead of the usual "Fwd" when it's a forwarded message. Probably, I think it's a virus. I didn't download & save to my pc & open the file. I just deleted it instead. It's an executable file that is attached to it.