21 February 2006

What a day!!!

I sit here staring at my computer.....silence....a couple of clicks to other sites and then what? silence... I hum a few lines or two, then click again ..... Then, wait for the call to make my day or break it. As a call center agent or for a customer service officer, I get used to scolded every hour and getting cursed and being yelled at by people I dont know and dont even care to know...(who cares?) Its just a package deal at least im paid to get all the yells and the cursing, I guess its a sort of a counselling here in this area that im into. I just hope that people would feel better after saying those words, I hope they feel happy and satisfied and contented.
Sometimes it just reveals the worst or the best of me, depending on the mood, but generally I fight back and retaliate. I mean, hey i just human, i get hurt with all those things you say just to hurt me. Then, I wake up to the reality that hey come on this is part of your job. In fairness to other callers, some are nice and well mannered.Sometimes or most often I go home with a heavy heart, I feel tired and sick of this routine for almost seven years of my working here. I have no choice, even though they say I got the worst job in the world Im just proud of it. I understand why people get mad when they dont have dial tones or when they have no internet connection, of course they pay for it and they deserve the best best service we could give. But there is no such thing as a perfect system, there are system failures that would cause such and then the calls start floodin'.

The world has become a race, that people have lost the patience to wait they start yelling and worst shouting and ended up saying words I know they might regret in the end. Well, the more I get bombarded with all of these negative truths I have lost my sensitiveness, I dont care if you shout or yell, if u can wait good, if not, then better. But, not that bad as you think I am, but I guess its what they call coping. Coz' if i dont sweet lemon or i dont sour grape, I dont know. Im like doing a free verse poem here, just types what ever comes to mind, a way of releasing......What a day!!!!