02 March 2006

Adsense Insider Part 3

continued....We saw yesterday that AdSense revenue was controllably dependent on
  • Click thru rate - you need to encourage those clicks- but watch out you don't break Google's rules.
  • Click thru price - have content relating to high value keywords
  • Page traffic - more visits equals more clicks
The focus today is on Page traffic.
I don't know how much traffic your site currently gets but you probably want more. However, there are two different sorts of traffic
  1. The casual visitor who is not going to do much, is click/trigger happy and won't hang around and doesn't come back.
  2. The keen, genuinely interested, active site participant. This is the sort of traffic you want to get and keep because your job is to develop a relationship with this type of visitor - not a one-night stand.
Because people who visit your site frequently are going to be interested in what is on it and this interest will extend to your AdSense ads - that's what Google does for you automatically.
Interest = clicks
Clicks = money
They'll also come back of their own accord and each time they do, they might see another interesting ad too.
That thinking has helped us define who we want but we now have two tasks ahead:
  1. Getting these people to visit your site the first time.
  2. Getting these people engaged in the site so that they remember it, like it and come back frequently
Let's look at the first of these.
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