03 March 2006

Adsense Insider Part 4


AdSense JavaScript
Today we are going to deal with the process of implementing AdSense into your site. Of course, you first of all need to get accepted into the AdSense program.

Assuming your site has made the grade, you will get an email from Google with the title "Welcome to AdSense". This will include a link to a page on Google where you enter your username and password. Make your password non-obvious because, when you log on to your account, you say where the money goes and you don't want someone else redirecting it do you?

Included in your AdSense control panel is a form where you specify what shape of ads you want to display and, when you make your selection, some JavaScript code appears in a box below.

All you need to do is cut and paste this code into your site. But there are some decisions you need to make first.

There are three steps.

Decide which pages you want to place AdSense ads on.

Decide what format ads you want on each page.

Paste the code in the site

Where to place your ads
Do you want AdSense ads on your home page?

This depends on what your site is about.

Remember, unless you are writing a site specifically to get AdSense revenues, the main aim of your site is not going to be getting clicks that TAKE PEOPLE AWAY from your pages because every click on an AdSense ad does exactly that.

The best place to put ads is on content-rich pages that you already have but which are not producing any revenues for you.

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