03 March 2006

Adsense Insider Part 5

final part...
Getting Accepted into Google AdSense
This is the last day of the AdSense Insider course and we are going to put it all together here so that you can be up and running in a day or so from now.

I said earlier that there are things you can do if you find your site is not accepted by Google and by far the most useful thing to bear in mind is that Google seeks out information. So unless your website has a lot of information in it, you probably won't get accepted.

Now as you can imagine, this is not a clear cut issue.

Who decides whether your site is information rich or not?

Automatic Site Assessment
The answer is that in the first instance Google's own spider, the software that scans your site, is the first judge. If it 'thinks' your site is content rich then you will pass the first hurdle. And this is where some sites fail.

The spider is an automated system and it makes quick, not always accurate judgements which gives you the first clue about getting your site accepted:

If your site is rejected fast by which I mean within a couple of hours or so, it has probably been rejected by Google's spider on the basis that it doesn't understand what your site is about too clearly or it hasn't found much content.

So you will have to get to work and add content - write further copy relevant to your main them, scan the web and find good articles to post (but make sure you get the appropriate permissions). All this will help.

And then submit again.

BE WARNED: there is a rumor going round that one site was rejected and it simultaneously got dropped from a previously high ranking on Google's search results page. It's only a rumor, but be warned.

Similarly, if your site is accepted fast, it will almost certainly have been accepted automatically.

Human intervention
However, there appears to be a middle case where the spider is not sure whether your site qualifies or not. And in this instance, the site is referred to a human who makes the final decision.

FactsAboutAdSense.com passed straight through the acceptance process because it has a load of content in it, has a clear theme running right through the site and is designed to move up the search engine ranks too.

If you are thinking of applying for AdSense, check out sites that compete with your own for traffic and see if any of them have been accepted. If they have, compare the content in them to your own to see if you exceed theirs. (This is quite a subjective process but it can help you)

If you are rejected, you can always apply again.

Multiple sites
Google actively discourages you from running several AdSense accounts on different sites. I'm not clear why they do this at the moment apart perhaps from saving operational costs involved in printing and posting checks. However, you can run the same AdSense code on a range of sites that you run. You can also monitor your earnings from each site if you use Google's Channel system - I explain this in detail in my book.

Well that's the end of the course. I hope you now feel better informed about Google's AdSense system.

Best of luck with your own program.

and best wishes to you.

William Charlwood

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