07 March 2006

What I miss from high school....

My classmates: miss my good old buddies; they say that high school life is the most exciting and very happy chapter of ones life. I agree to this; most of my close close friends are from high school; miss the good times and the times together, the crazy things we used to do, the adventure, the outings, the dramas and the comedies of high school life will always be a memory to cherish and to treasure, at least now we have a yahoo group to keep up connected always and still update each other with the latest happenings, it feels great to finally hear from them after a few years of no communication.

My teachers: hmmm well, I dont remember them all, only those who have made an impact in my life, or have been unique in their ways escially the strict one and the cool ones. I dont really mis them all that much, im not really close to them. If theres one teacher that I am really proud of is my teacher during my sixth grade: Mr. Joseph Genson; was the best teacher for me; taught me a lot about just everything; from proper pronunciation of my abcs up to my multiplication table and up to music and of having quality work.

Its nice to look back and smile........