10 September 2006

MY Celebrity look alike?

Matsushima Nanako a Japanese actress.

Fann Wong a Singaporean Chinese actress.

Kim Tae Hee a Korean actress.

Its fun knowing that we all have celebrity look alikes, see for yourself and find your celebrity look alikes. Visit this site


Yvonne said...

hi zel! lingaw sad ni no? hehehe! can't help but try this one too! look at what i've came up at http://yvonnegallery.blogspot.com/2006/09/find-celebrity-in-you.html

Anonymous said...

Aha! a star in the making. You look like an asian star when you are paired with them. Really I'm star strucked, I'm now your number one fan. Have you already entered in a beauty contest?. You surely could make Hollywood stars envy you.

ZELMARQ said...

to anonymous: hey you are really good with your flattery words, but thanks anyway

Anonymous said...

ey... you really are amazing hazel, kabalo ba ka na i get to check your page always b'coz i know there's something new in it, and i gotta discover something great the moment i take a look...u a never thought na ka-look alike celebrity diay nako si brad pitt... whew! nakurat jud ko! gosh! well, thanks a lot anyways! how could i ever forget this moment! u