03 September 2006

On Philippine Idol

Hmmmmm, missed blogging so much. well, well, i guess its a matter of motivation. Im glad I got accepted by Adsense. For the nth attempts I have made a couple of months ago, finally, I got the third chance. Wew!!! Thanks to Adsense, now I will make it a point not to make another mistake.

Philippine Idol,it took almost two months before it was aired on tv and it was something I looked forward to until the big day came. It was like watching a gag show, hehehehehe, aside from those really talented and good singrs and dancers there were those who performed very much less a Philippine idol materialjust like this one,this one , and top of the list this wacky person. Now, tell me, I hope you will agree that its just a one wacky gag show. In fairness, the show really opened my eyes taht Filipinos are really talented, it was an overflow of talent that I have seen in Philippine television.

Courtesy of Philippine Idol

My personal favorites among the boys: