22 October 2006

The Coconuter

I was just hopping from one channel to another on a stress free cool saturday afternoon, from UST vs. ATeneo (Studio 23), to Star Talk ( Channel 7, PBA ( Channel 21) and finally something very interesting that glued me to ABS-CBN's Nagmamahal Kapamilya. The story of David Eric Poarch, give up his American dream came to the Philippines and living as what he calls himself " The modern nomad".

Its somewhat ironic, statistics showed that a lot of Filipinos have left the country for greener pastures, then here comes this very young lad who left his comforable life in the U.S in the hope of bringing back great memories of his childhood, tracing his roots and living a very simple life. Wow, its a teleserye material, its an eye opener, its simple but its complicated.

A realization that its not about the money, the luxury or the comfort anymore that matters, its about happiness and joy. There are things in life that money cant buy, and you will wake up one day a part of you is missing and realize giving all you've got just to complete you as a person could be inevitable.

How pity, only experienced his first kiss, first time to hold a girl's hand, first girlfriend and first everything in the Philippines. read more of the Coconuter....and watch his entertaining video


Anonymous said...

I have nothing against the guy and I wish him well, but the reality is that, the vast majority of our young people are in sad and hopeless situation with nowhere to go.

Anonymous said...

Yah, and so irresponsible. Why get some girl get pregnant at his age and then ask for donations on his blog...I dont know what this guy is doing but it seems insane.

ZELMARQ said...

wow, good comments, im looking forward to hear more about what you guys think about him, we have different views on issues and thats nice to hear.... God bless you all

Anonymous said...

He is asking for donations, I really can't understand how he thinks.