02 October 2006

Thirteen things inside my bag

Thirteen Things inside my bag ZELMARQ

1…. Notebooks... hmmm, I got 5 notebooks inside my bag, quiet time notebook, crochet notebook, load notebook, memory verse notebook and blog notebook.

2-. Hair brush, small brush its already old but theres nothing like it.

3. Dong A colorful pens, I write all the time and Im really fond of colorful ones and Dong a pens are special to me, they are my favorite.

4. Pencil case (the lavender one)... its not really all pencil but theres a tooth brush inside and a small tooth paste (colgate)....

5. Two coin purses... I have for my own consumption and the big one for my e load/ max auto load business...hehehehe

6. Black card holder... here I place all my cards, atm cards, and cards, I put them all together so they dont get lost.

7. Highlighter (the colorful shaped like a flower) I like it to high light something to remind me.

8. Planner (the redish one) it keeps me organized so I wont forget anything, and to keep track of things to do and things done...

9. Wallet (the brown one) hmmmm, money is here...

10. Make-up kit (blue one) inside it: lip shiner, concealer, nail cutter, lipstick, hair pins, powder, dental floss and my tommy girl perfume.

11. Cellphone... not included in th e picture, nokia 6233
12. Handkerchief... not inlcuded also in the picture...

13. and my menthol cone; its always there, I need it in case of emergency when I have head ache, its always been my head ache partner.

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Anonymous said...

You seem to like the number thirteen. Others have a morbid fear of that number. I seem to like you Hazel, keep up doing good things in your life.
God bless

ZELMARQ said...

to anonymous...its not about liking the number but its the name of the meme....as far as I can remember Helterbrand's # is # 13 and my pr # was also 13....well maybe its just coincidence :)tnx for the visit, God bless also...