05 December 2006

My Blog is One Year Old Today!

WOW! My blog is one year old today. it was one year ago that I have started to explore the blogging world. Wew, I'm glad I've reached this far. It was not a smooth journey, there humps, blind alleys, and even blocks along the way but I'm glad I have crossed it. I have learned a lot from this blogging arena and hope to learn more. Met lots of nice and cool people and expect to meet some more as I continue and hopefully improve lots more. Cheers!


Bloghead said...

Hi yer, thanks for dropping by my blog and posting your comment on my shout box. Congrats on reaching your 1st year blogging hope you have another good year blogging. Stay cool!

Anonymous said...

I'm at about one year, too. Having a lot of fun.

Beerli said...

Happy Blogday! It's quite an achievement. Blog on! :)