28 February 2007

College life, What do you miss?

Hmmmm, very nice to look back to our college dyas right. Though I enjoyed my high school days more than my college days but there were certain things that was new during my college days:

I miss.....

* the hang outs in the library;I worked as a student assistant and I go there during my break time for my library duty, I miss the work, the books, the dusts, the librarians and my friends there.

* my crushes and the cute guys who hang out in the library......

* my professors, even though they were terrors but have learned to appreciate the beauty of learning and the good things that I have associated with it.

* those group studies that resulted into group eating and group talking; I guess thats the most ironic situations way back then, but it made us close together and created a bond among us.

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Miette said...

Keep up the good work.