19 February 2007

Who is Barack Obama?

I just got curious who this Obama guy is so I searched and found this....

He was elected to the Illinois state senate in 1996. Four years later, he made an unsuccessful run for the U.S. House of Representatives. Obama won reelection to the state senate in 2002, running unopposed. As early as 2002, he was a critic of the proposed Iraq War, declaring in a television interview that he would have voted against the Iraq Resolution.[3] In 2004 he ran for an open seat in the U.S. Senate. Midway through the campaign, Obama delivered the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention and became a nationally known political figure. He was elected to the U.S. Senate in November 2004 with a landslide 70% of the vote.[4]

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EuroYank said...

Great blog! Love your colors and choice of topics.

zelmarq said...

to euroyank... thank you for the compliment!!!!

Wally Banners said...

very nice blog barack doesnt stand a chance but hoorah for him for trying :)

Justin said...

I actually think Obama does have a good shot at the presidency. He's already popular. In another year, he'll be even more well-known, and that will give him a shot.

I believe our nation's next president will be a democrat simply on the basis that there's so much negativity directed toward the Republican party right now. And, I think that gives Obama a very good chance.

karlodl said...

2 points for him trying, in the Philippines, trying can mean a possible nuisance candidate.

was just blogsurfing when i saw this site. keep it up

The Sleepy Traveler

kevin said...

There is actually a really good article in rolling stone

Silona said...

well hm looking for contact info for you but could only find this! So here I go!

Since your profile says you like basketball! Wanted to give you a heads up on the new video Senator Bill Bradley just uploaded to youtube.

An interesting look at the impact sports can have on people and building communities. Really terrifying realization about the life of a pro basketball player towards the end.


Let me know if you would also like a signed copy of his new book "The New American Story."