09 March 2007

One week old baby found alive in a garbage can...

Its was the most bad news that I got from a news from our local television here. It was a one year old baby girl that was placed in a box and was thrown in a garbage can and was found by a beggar. At first the beggar thought that it was a cat but when he opened the box he was shocked to see a baby girl crying her heart out. I almost cried seeing that innocent helpless baby flashed on tv, it was on the news almost every afternoon and lots of couples has been touched by her story and wanted to get her for adoption. i cant imagine how the mother felt when she placed her duaghter in that box and threw her in that garbage. The baby was lucky enough to have survived, there were signs that the baby was bitten by insects already and she is still being taken cared of so that the sore will cure.

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