18 April 2007

I have been paid here on mylot!!!!

Im just happy that finally I already got my earnings on my bank account here in the Philippnes and Im so glad that there were no truth in all the words that they have said. I have proven it and its really true. Thank you to all mylotters here and dear friends.

Let's enjoy and earn at the same time at mylot.

Posted on mylot.


BobotM said...

Hi, remember me, you have a very nice blogsite. I am still learning and eager to learn mylot. Would you refer me?

Emmet said...

How does MyLot work?

adi said...

ya mylot is great and one site you can trust

ZELMARQ said...

http://www.mylot.com/?ref=Zelmarq, click this link and I would be very glad to help you with mylot. Hope you have a nice day.