13 February 2008

Heart Print: Your Word

I gave it all to You,
though it was painful,
I know You'd always be there by my side,
Its different now, I didnt listened before,
and now Your word is so strong,
I cant help but obey.

Maybe this is the ONE TRUE LOVE,
YOU are my true love,
You knocked in my heart many times,
I didnt heard YOU,
I was busy with my found earthy love,
thought it made me complete,
but never knew all along,
that it was YOU,
it was YOU all along.

Eight years,
I never thought I could make it through,
with out the love the I have found,
But, it was YOUR WORD that was worth it all,
You gave it to me during the commitment conference,
and You made it all easy for me,
though there were tears,
but YOU wiped it all for me,
YOUR WORD comforting me,
YOUR WORD healing me,
YOUR WORD revealing to me,
and YOUR WORD showing me
the love beyond compare.

THank you dear Lord,
thank you for being so patient with me,
I am going to wait on YOU,
and YOUR will for my life.

I Want to love YOU more.....



Anonymous said...

A poem from a prodigal child?
Simple, frank and straightforward, that what we should be, like talking to God should be like talking to a friend.