17 February 2008

Myheart Prints: Struggles

Its a wonderful day, and just a perfect day to clean some old junk from my room. I cam across this cute pooh bear yellow spring notebook. My Purpose driven Life notebook, exactly 4 years ago, I had a commitment signed with Erna, Gary and Joey. We promised to finish the forty day journey but unfortunately when I checked I was only until the 37th day. I failed to finish the book and I intend to finish it this time.And four years ago I was writing about my struggles in life, my spiritual life, my daily struugles with work and life, my bad habits and so many other things. Specically, I wanted to end my not so nice way of handling my subscribers, I was so desperate to end it four years, but I'm still entangled with the webs of the lack patience to overcome it, and the lack of humility and the heart to do it. I dont know if my temper has something to do with being born on the month of February or maybe its just a matter of having this kind of attitude.......Hmmmm, how I wish I could somehow change. Lord, please remind me every that its not about me. I know the road is never easy but I put the trust in You.............