09 June 2008

My mother's eye operation...

Just three weeks a go, this same day an accident happened at home. I recieved a text message from my younger sister seeking for help since mother kept crying because she cant see. What happened was that some one was cutting bamboo and mother is just near got hit and the left eye was a ffected. We thought it was just a mere foreign object but, I was shocked tot hear that theres a surgery needed.

This was the first incident like this in our family and surely I tried to be strong and tried to calm down for the sake of my mother and sister. The surgery needed a cash deposit and I didnt have the source of the money but God really works in miraculous ways and He gave us what we needed for the operation.

It took 45 minutes for the the operation to complete and Im thankful that God guided the doctors and the people in the hospital. Now theres another operation for the cataract next month and we are getting ready and still praying that things would be great. God is in control.