03 July 2008

Another day....

They say I have the worst job in the world, customer service officer. Getting paid to get yelled at, shouted at and sometimes insulted for not being able to meet subscribers desires. Well, no matter how I look at each side of the coin, they are always right, even if they sound so wrong they are always right and they deserve the best. But there are so many things beyond our control and its a matter of being able to play and survive this world of complaints.

I passed the day without a subscriber getting mad at me. Its unusual but im just glad. Its always a daily prayer that I make it through the day with flying colors and true enough another answered prayer. I experimented on being childish with subscribers and they respond in such a manner, and try to be nice as much as possible no matter how maldita and demanding they seem to be, I pretend not to get impatient and impolite to them even when they are shouting and seems to get the earwax from my ears.

I survive the day with just a smile and laugh at their demands. Most often I just joke about it and laugh. Its just a matter of coping. No matter how I try there are things that is beyond my control and God is in control over all the things around.