07 July 2008

Apple for dinner...

Its always a struggle, a daily struggle and I hate it.
I easily get upset.
And I just dont like it when I get upset. So many things seems to come out from my mind and I ca feel my rebelious mind whispering to me, encouraging me to be upset some more.
Just tonight, my housemates forgot to send my dinner (we cook our food in turns, the office is just walking distance from our boarding house,most of the time they send my breakfast or dinner) and of course I felt neglected and self pity went in coupled with so many thougts, I know im over reacting, but I guess I was too excited to think whats for dinner and eneded up having nothing. Or maybe because I was too hungry or I pitied myself for having an apple for dinner.
Hmmmm maybe they have their reasons, but I just hope I can let go of these negative felings and these negative thoughts from coming to life.
I guess I was forced to go on a apple diet for dinner tonight, well, on the other hand I can still consideer myself lucky, many people still dont have something to eat, im just one of the lucky one who can still enjoy an apple for dinner.