26 September 2008

first broken heart....

Its one of the most things that I fear in life, to break my heart. Anyways no one died of a broken heart i comfort myself. Of course i know people wont want their hearts to be broken but there are events and things in our lives that happen for a reason and I believe they make us or break us. I broke my heart almost a year ago, it was somthing i chose to hide and I chose to keep to myself for I know announcing it would make it more harder to cope with. I cried in silence, alone in my room, in the stillness of the night, and there I felt God's hand comforting me, speaking to me, drying each tear from my eyes with His words. Only close people knew about it and I know they prayed for me, and I know it made the healing speedy.

Looking back, it still makes my tears fall and I cant stop them, im a better person, broken and healed by the loving hands of God.