06 September 2008

I miss my father...

Hmmm., teary eyed as I write these thoughts from the heart, trying to fight back the tears from falling, looking up just to deny gravity from winning and feeling the tears from my eyes. A discussion by a friend brought back memories, lovely sweet memories with my father. and now gravity won, im crying. Just trying not to cry too much, im in the office and people might wonder this sudden dramatic scene they are witnessing.

Well, hmmm, tears again. Please, stop from falling, I guess I cant seem to stop them, its as if they have minds of their own, i told them to stop, but they jsut want to get out from my eyes and shout its freedom day. I know its embarassing but, I can manage to wipe them as quickly as I could.

Father died 14 years ago, just miss him, envy those kids who are walking happily with their fathers. Im just glad I still have a heavenly father who knows all I have deep inside of me.

I miss you PAPA.


PuNiao said...
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PuNiao said...

I kind of understand how you are feeling now. I just lost my grandfather less than 2 days back, and it all felt so sudden. One moment he was looking alright and then the next, he was gone so silently and peacefully. My thoughts are with you now. Dry the tears and think of the happier times you shared with your father and you'd realise it's not all that bad. Stay strong.