03 November 2008

Bitter sweet realizations....

I just came fresh from a three day youth discipleship conference and I feel the spiritual fullness and it feels so great, I feel so energized. I had bitter and sweet realizations.
The messages opened my eyes to these realizations in my life.
I cried while walking on my way home, alone in a remote provincial road from my children ministry.
I cried coz I realized vital things. One speaker talked of stewardship, and I took it so hard and realized that i was not a good steward with my life. There so many opportunites, time and relationships wasted and for me its bitter coz I know I could no longer do anything about it. But there's no use crying over spilled milk, know the Lord is not through with my life yet, and I praise God for His guidance and for using people to guide me. Its sweet because I still have time to do better and to do the best for the Lord.


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