25 November 2008

Plastic raincoats......

Our group went to a remote area to make catchment basin for the tribe in the mountains. It was one of the great walks that I have ever expereinced in my life. I prayed for protection and strength to the Lord for I knew what was instore for us, 8 kilometers mountain walk which means up and down, slopes, and something that will require vigor and stamina. Im just a neophyte when it comes these kinds of activities but the Lord is my strength, as long as Im doing it for His glory, I know He will always be by my side.
It rained hard but we have to go to the area, so what we did was to make plastic cellophanes for our protection from the rain. And it really served its purpose, it protected our things and our bodies from the hard rain. Have you used this kind of rain coat?It was a walk to remember, I feel so close to God, as if the clouds are within reach, with His magnificent creation, the rain, the coldness of the breeze and the sound of the crickets whispering to my ears, welcoming me with gratitude. Felt the sweat trickling down my face with the hard rain pouring, every now and then I try to catch my breath after every elevated part and try to stay cool when I reach flat zones.
Im writing more but cant keep the thoughts from coming through and I'll have to end here, still waiting for the continuation of Gary's story, I have to admit that is a great story teller than me, I have always been the frustrated writer and a trying hard blogger.