13 February 2009

Questions and answers

1. Do you believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder?
---> hmmm,maybe.
2. Ever tried gymnastics?
---> I had no choice but to perform them on our Pe in college and maybe back in my elementary and high school days.
3. What was the last thing you bought?
---> a cool painted shirt from cebu.
4. Do you talk a lot?
---> depends on the people im with and the my mood..
5. Where are your sisters?
---> 1 in Iligan, 1 in makati for pldt training and 1 in cebu who just got married last month.
6. Name one close guy friend:
---> gary
7. How was your day yesterday?
---> full of smiles even though i was busy...
8. Are you an optimistic one?
---> yes
9. I’ll bet you miss someone right now?
---> secreto para bibo!
10. Are you typically a jolly person?
---> uhm...I am, specially when im inspired...
11. Beauty or brains:
---> slight lang for both hehehehe
12. Song playing at the moment:
- time after time, yikes.
13. How do you cope with stress?
---> eat and sleep and listen to the music and write...
14. Ever broken someone's heart?
---> yeah
15. What makes you happy?
---> happy people, when im with people I care about, serving others.
17. What is the last thing you said aloud?
---> "wow"
18. Are you currently in a relationship?
---> no
19. What is your all-time favorite romantic comedy film?
---> forrest gump
20. What's your current problem?
---> its complicated...
21. Have you ever had your heart broken?
---> yes...
22. The last person you went out with?
---> my brother sherwin in cebu
23. Ever wished you could turn back time?
---> i treasure wonderful memories and face the world with a smile always.
24. One song that's meaningful to you?
---> find me by david gates.
25. One thing you totally regret?
---> i learn from each mistake in my life...
26. Do people like you? Do you like them?
--->i dont know if they like me but im just me.
27. Is your birthday on a holiday?
---> no its not, its the day after valentine's day
28. What’s your wish for your birthday?
---> world peace!
29. Someone who means a lot to you at this moment?
---> hmmm were just friends, but im praying for someone.