21 May 2009

Dapitan Medical Mission Part 1

The Bus

It was last year that I last joined the medical mission of the CDO LifeLine Ministries Inc. headed by Dr. Sedigo, I waited eagerly for May 16, and at 11 pm we started our trip to Dapitan for the mission. Its Truly inspiring to see doctors unite for a common good and its all about service, helping the less fortunate giving them time and the medical attention that they could not afford. It was my first time going to that part of the Philippines and though the trip was long, I enjoyed the sleep on the bus with the group of doctors, nurses and volunteers like me.

It was a long logn trip but somehow, God refreshed us through th welcome of the rain as we touched the safe grounds of Potungan High School, a remote area where the hospital is is just a luxury to the people living there. The patients were waiting and it a while for the team to set up the areas because of the rain, thanks to the help of the men in uniform who helped us carry the boxes of medicines to the respective classrooms.

I am recharged with so much joy in my heart, that I was one of those who shared the gospel to the patients before the check-up and treatment, angels celebrated in heaven as they welcomed the souls that have received Christ as their Lord and saviour. Tears of joy fell from those eyes who have searched for that only One person who could fill the emptiness in their hearts, maybe along their search in their lives they thought it was something but it was someone and it was Jesus all along who could fill that up, and I cried silence, tears of joy also filled my eyes as I prayed for these bretheren who have opened up their hearts for Christ to rule and be the Lord of their lives.

To be continued....