04 July 2009

Back to an old template

Spent half day on the net, at first template surfing and then ended up watching Go Junpyo instead.(hehehe, He is so handsome and with those eyes that as if were looking at me, imagining I was Geum Jandi...hay!But in fairness I like Jihoo to be paired with Geum Jandi than Go Junpyo).

I got bored with the previous template and now I ended up using this old one I used before. Start all over again since I lost all the changes that I made and all the widgets and I I know its going to take me so much time and effort. I missed posting here, 3 weddings I joined, the servant leaders training and a lot more to blog about.(This would require much more time and a lot of memory recalling).I got busy with customer service work with papers here and there, but nothing that I cant handle well.

Im trying to figure out if I was able to save the html codes, and I remember I lost them when the laptop just decided to turn off on its own (which means, another nerve damaging situation that I have to endure).

Well, all is well that ends well and I will have to try again tomorrow for another blogging adventure.