11 July 2009

Blah blahs and a lot more

Its a wierd afternoon, after the rocky road ice cream, someone gave us a pot of yummy lomi soup which left the ice cream to melt and was forgotten. The soup was perfect to match the heavy rain pouring outside, I have do double time balancing the cash and checks and all for 5:30 is the schedule of our union meeting.
It took so much time since i have to figure out the checks, my report didnt match and have to do a whole two page review to find the problem,things really happen when we have other things in mind and making it more unbearable and making me impatientl as well.
Im a no to union individual but unfortunately the Yes to union people won and I have no choice but to be a part of that union they created to bargain and ask for more benefit and what other demands they have in mind. Its such a wierd day, with the heavy rain and the not so pleasant stare of the pro-union group after the questions that I have raised. I thought of the hot lomi that I did not enjoy eating coz I was i a hurry to that union thing, I could have stayed and enjoyed the comforting lomi soup.
I just didnt like the meeting, everything about it and hurriedly went to our highschool friend's house (another food indulging activity, since its her birthday). And after the stress and the not so good stares, Im just glad that I escaped it and enjoy the yummy food prepared. Wow, beef in cream sauce, lechon kawali, stuffed shrimp (im allergic with shrimps but how can I not eat), casava cake, strawberry cheesecake...it was a therapy, all bad vibes just faded away and fogotten. Wait, there was still macaroni salad but I was to full to even taste it. We went home with smiles and all revived by the stomach filling experience.
When I reached home the noise of the bands jamming on the ACSAT gym infront of our house. The band performers were just as annoying as they can be, it was not music but noise to my ears. How, can I sleep then with all the shouting and incomprehensible lyrics and a singing style I didnt know ever existed, ( it was like a devil shouting, the high volume that I was afraid the singers would have throat cancer after their singing or shouting spree, hehehehe). They finished at around 1:30 and now im back to the solemn environment conducive to sleeping.
It was a food filled day and tomorrow is a saturday, its now 2:03 am and have to wake up very early in the morning for im the breakfast cook.

God bless us all!