10 July 2009

I craved for durian ice cream got rocky road instead.

Its been days that craved for durian ice cream.I miss the energy giving scent of durian but the durian ice cream will suffice. Our manager granted our wish and gave us an ice cream treat. We asked our helpmat to buy ice cream for us. I waited patiently with good imagination of how to eat the ice cream. When itcame it was not durian ice cream but rocky road instead. It was good than having nothing but it would have been great if it was durian flavor.

My insight its that God uses people to grant our wishes but often times its really not what exactly what we craved for or hope for . While we were eating my officemate said that she wanted durian and she does not like the rocky road that much. I told her that its better than not having any ice cream at all. Its to appreciate what we have and thank God for the what we have than wishing for whats missing.

happy week end!