18 July 2009

Sleepy on a rainy day saturday!

Woke up very early today went to the market bought bangus and bananas for breakfast, I feel sleepy with the weather and while cooking I was thinking of bed and sleeping. Multi tasked, cooking and washing the clothes at the same time ( its always a saturday habit of mine). Woke the people for breakfast at about 6:30 in the morning I just ate a piece of banana and darnk hot choco, its just hard to eat when you are the one cooking, I just thought the daing na bangus just made the art of frying more easy, nothing fancy but the smell was just a meal in itself. Hanged the clothes and off to bed I went, wow, it rained again and I hope it wont stop

Its 9am and im all sleepy, my looking like garfield's eyes dreamy and wanting to sleep more.
I dont know if I slept very late last night, dindt know whats the time when I just lay there unable to sleep, wanting to sleep with eyes closed but mind is drifting to oblivion. The blueberry cheesecake I ate for dinner lingered on my mind luke super glue, with the sweet sour mango shake. Even now im sleepy but just cant sleep so I surfed the internet instead, facebook, read the news and was just frustrated with the sports news, Ginebra lost last night. Wow! Im just glad I went out last night and did not witness the bitter loss of my team. It hurts but I have to move on the beermen won, didnt have the inetrest to read that column.
Sleepy, sleepy....I have to prepare for my trip to el salvador and after my trip to Iligan for the Leaders Bible Study with the youth in Marawi and Iligan city and thats another tiring trip, Im not really fond of trips, I hate the smell of the bus and the not so nice men passengers (I had a not so nice experience before, so that explains why I prefer sharing the seat with a woman than with a man). I also dont like travelling alone, I love travelling and talking with someone but the seatmates are sleepers as well so often I end up sleeping or watching the dvd of the driver.