22 July 2009

Time with friends....

Got home from dinner with my best friends Judith and Cristy. We've known each other more than half our lifetimes, we were classmates since sixth grade and we've shared lots of memories together. Judith joined me in IIT for two and then transferred to XU and joined Cristy and finished her studies there. Cristy is my officemate since 1999 and we are now in the same department.

Its nice to have this private time, Cristy and me spend the whole with work while Judith is busy with her business and three kids.

The food was great, it was Judith's treat, theres T-bone steak, barbecue, and siszzling sisig and my all time paborito blueberry cheese cake. Wow, I just love blueberry cheesecakes. I realized we were not getting any younger, I felt young but realized that hey, Im not getting any younger but of course I wont force myself to situations the way Judith shared her struggles with family , business and marriage.It was serious stuff but I know she's strong and she can manage everything, all I can do is share my prayers for her and her family.

Lesson learned, Ill have to enjoy the time while Im single coz theres really a lot that instore ahead and I dont know if im ready to face all thats going to come when I reach that time in my life. Theres a lot of responsibility, and it takes a mature person to endure it, with all the adjustments to do and the buzz of marriage. Id rather enjoy the meal than think of things that would scare me even just the thought of it.