29 August 2009

As constant as the sun...

I love rainy days specially when it rains at night, I consider it a treat when im about to sleep and then it rains hard, wow, I just hope it wont stop. Oh, how I love to listen to the rhythym of the falling rain, it brings back wonderful rainy memories. As the song goes "listen to the rhythym of the falling rain, telling me just a fool Ive been, I wish that I could go and let me cry in vain, and let me be alone again". I guess we all have unique and wonderful rain stories

I also love sunrise, its one of the best scenes that Im really excited about, willing to wait at from dawn till I see those rays of sunlight slowly revealing itself like a live painting changing before my very eyes. Its like God's constant love, though there maybe clouding skies but we know that God is always there to give that warmth in our lives that he only can give, His warmth could only satisfy. There's this romantic song "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me appy when skies are gray, you never know dear how much I love, please dont take my sunshine away". And Im certain we also have unique sunshine stories.

Because God's goodness is as constant as the sun, we are in danger of forgetting what he showers on us each day. If we count our blessings one by one, we'll never get finished.


David B Katague said...

You said you love sunrise and falling rain. But have you ever seen a sunset that lingers in your memory for long, long time! I posted 10 sunsets from all parts of the world just recently? Have you seen and viewed them? Take Care!