26 August 2009

Let not the flood waters overflow me

Let not the flood waters over flow me, nor the deep swallow me up. Psalm 69:15

It was my cry for help, I thought it was the end of everything. A life threatening experience, all I saw were happy moments in my life flashed like movie in seconds and I remembered the river guides warning swim in one direction if trapped under the rubber boat. Idid with all my might, frantically swam towards the right and reached the top and praised God for another chance. It was a joyful moment, with all the shouting and cheering enjoying the rafting experience and split second I was there under the rubber boat struggling to survive. I dont know how to swim but the life jacket was an assurance that I wont drown.

Im in trouble.
And now im in deep water, reaching up grabbing God's hands for mercy. Its stupidity that brought me in this state and godly wisdom to save me from this complex im in. Im trapped. And like a rat lost in a maze Im sniffing my way out, thinking that enough motivation can bring me to where the reward is and the reward of finding the way out is my only refuge. God is my refuge in times of trouble, and in the time of trouble He shall set me high upon a rock. I feel alone, lonely and hurting but I know God will always be there to guarantee His support.

When trouble over takes, let God take over!