01 September 2009

Careless thinking.....

Im a careless person, Often, I do a lot of things that i should not do and more often I also fail to do the things that I ought to do. Like, Leaving my room key inside my room and ended up destroying the window just to get inside the room, which injured my right arm.

Well, its a win lose situation when we dont think carefully or act carefully, its always the same, even with words not thought of carefully could hurt or injure the hearts of other people. I always end up regretting things said because of no careful thinking, I hurt a friend many times because of tactlessness. I was also a victim of such carelessness. I got hurt so bad by someone a year ago, he accused me something that he said. it was so painfull I cant forget the very words he said. I have forgivien him but not yet forgotten. These wrong actions or irresponsible inactions can minor inconveniences or they can have serious lasting consequences.

Regrets, wrong words spoken, wrong actions and even not doing the right thing could mean a lot. God wants us to give careful thinking to our actions, words, and make decisions that bring glory to Him.

let us think about whats good

what's right and pure and true;

may God's word control our thoughts

in everything we do. - Fitshugh-