20 September 2009


I feel like writing here even when theres nothing to write about. I just needed the comfort of the keboard of this laptop im using coz somehow its telling me that I still have a sense of thinking things I ought not to think about. Hmmmm, even the title of this entry speaks of itself, theres nothing in particular. I just wanted to have finger exercise of maybe just something to get busy with . There a re so many things flooding on my mind drifting from here to nowhere and eventually I'd forget about the things as I lay down myself to sleep, or its worst if i'd wake up tomorrow and feel the same. I can hear the rhythym of the falling rain ouside and feeling every drop of sweat from my forehead and the sound of the electric fan chasing my sweat away but to no avail, well a few pingpong action gave a good reason for this sweating, not that I played that well but I picked the ball many times than hitting the ball properl, lol, reminding me that it was so long ago that I last played pingpong and somehow my muscles developed selective amnesia. Though Im considering of playing it with a sense of interest next time, the proper way to hold the racket and to hit the ball and so many other things.