06 June 2010

crochet and patience....

Last thursday and friday I got under the weather, embraced all the pillows on my bed and the stuffed toys beside me, with cough and the colds making my tears flow like rain, wew, I know im exaggerating but its hard getting sick like this. Mama, is far, and my family is Cebu, wow, what a pity. Wish they were here , they could take care of me, feed me, cook soup for me and even just scold me for being such a hard headed 34 year old single, work addict lady.

Well, sad, truth, Im work addict, even if I felt bad wednesday evening, i brought a paper bag full of work load from the office, of course it was due this friday and I would not want cristy to do the job for me, I finished it just in time I left the papers on cristy's table and when I went outside got saoked with the pouring rain ( oh no, not again, another reason why the stay in bed got longer than expected).

Thursday morning, I just cant stay there and lay my head like I were dead, this cant be happening, I have to do something, even with the head pounding hard with pain and the colds making me cry and the cough making me bark like a guard dog, I have to do something, with the boring tv on, I tried looking for something to do.

Eureka!, found my crochet things, felt that I have missed my crochets, my threads, my colorfull threads. I started, I thought I forgot how to make crochet purses but there I was glad that the chore jut went swiftly as if were already encoded in my head with the coordination of my fingers, the crochet needle and the two strands of thread. Patience, hmmmm, patience is a virtue, and for the past days I have seen I slowly lost my patience, slowly, and slowly I realized I have dragged my body to its limit and abused and now I am reaping the consequence.
What exactly is patience? defined by Encarta as a capacity for waiting: the ability to endure waiting, delay, or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset, or to persevere calmly when faced with difficulties. Patience is a skill that we practice and the more we are able to endure without frustration the more patience we have.

Patience, crochet.
Slowly, with each single stitch, I can make my crochet purse.
Thank God for the realization.
I agree, things happen for a reason. My getting sick happened for a reason ( for me to get some sleep and some rest).