09 June 2010

No matter how much i try....

Wow, I never felt this tired this week. I went home early last monday and tuesday and now I have decided in my heart to stay longer (even if my feet felt so tired and wanted to embrace the comfort of my dark room). No matter how much I try, the pile of work just accumulate every single day. No matter how much I try my much is never enough. Im not not going to catch up with the work load. Im not alone, almost all of the people here feel the same, were on the same boat and at times, only crying in silence is the best way to cope.

Im just glad that, even when I feel so hopeless, Im glad that im special to someone eyes, Im the apple of God's eyes. Im able to pound the keys of the keyboard to express everything that even words cant express. Im coping and Im embracing God's promise, His love His care and I just have to listen somewhere in the corner of my heart is the light of hope that always gave me the comfort despite the busy and confusing world we have.

Im hungry, I know when I get home theres no food on the table. I miss the comfort of home, missed mother's cooking and the laughter of brothers and sisters, missed my family. I have to remind myself of God's promise that " I can do anyhting through Christ who gives me strength"

Tomorrow is another and another day to be a blessing.

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