27 September 2010

Blogging experiment number 1

Blogging Experiment number 1
Write a minimum of 1 new blog per day.

I just read this from a blog article, one way to improve visitors to your blog is a new blog each day. Well, to me its a challenge since im not good when it comes to blogging the english language and im not a good writer either, im just a second rate trying hard blogger and even though I have been doing this for the last five years Im still a newbie. There are a lot of things to learn, unlearn and relearn when it comes to blogging and also experimenting what I read and also trying them out. Im going to update you guys if theres going to be update and cheesy information and update regarding this blogging experiment that im doing.

Hope this will work or else I will not be able to make a new blog each day. I will be doing this for two weeks and hopefully I will get results. Wish me well my friends.