17 September 2010

Death and dying

I attended the burial of Mark Paul ( younger brother of Ate Ann who just died from bone cancer), felt uneasy with this kind of situation. It brings back memories from the past when my father was there in the middle of the isle in front of the altar ( he died from lung cancer) . I brings back scenes that I have chosen to forget but now its so vivid like a movie flashing in my mind. I love purple and its the color of the t shirts of the close friends and relatives who attended the burial, I asked ate anne and she said its Mark's favorite color and the music on the background makes you miss the young boy all the more. Then, the thought came to mind, what color would I want my friends and relatives wear? hehehe, funny, but its a reality, maybe I'd love to see them all wearing pink of brown and I would ask them to play praise and worship songs and some of my favorite songs rather than good bye songs ( Still, I am a C, Reach by 7 S Club, Ang Huling El Bimbo, When I Fall In Love By Elvis presley, Kiss the Rain, 1234 BY Plain White T's, In a Rush By Blackstreet, and all Beatles SOngs, songs by america, England dan, Jim Croce, and Find Me by David Gates). Well, well, well, thats a long list but I'll add more.

I struggled and gave it all the effort to stop the tears from falling but they seem to have minds of their own. A drop escaped and the tears and there they fell one after the other. Im glad I have my sun glasses to hide my tears, but I realized I left my handkerchief wew, what a day.

The priest talked about life, death and dying and the hope of rising again, and talked of the day when we all meet the Creator. Its a relationship, God said in His word that if we repent and acknowledge that we are sinners and accept Him as our Lord and Saviour he will give us eternal lie. Thats why He died on the cross, he died that we may have life eternal. We may have pains and troubles in this world but we do not lose heart for in the end God will embrace us and we will be with Him in Heaven. Theres always hope, like theres rainbow after the rain and tomorrow is another day. Weeping may last for a night but God's joy will renew us in the morning.

Now, mark is no longer in  pain, the family will grieve but his memory will remain in their hearts and minds.


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