28 February 2011

Late night supper

Im so tired. Went home late today since its the last day of the month and cut and lots of work done today but still lots of work waiting to be finished tomorrow. I tried to finish them but I have decided in my heart to go home and eat, I need to refuel, anyway tomorrow is another day. Most of the time when I get home late I no longer eat dinner, sleep will help me forget hunger but tonight was an exception, I was starving and needed food, I want food and thank God there was still pinakbet on the table and fried fish, wow, it was perfect, it was the dinner I dreamed of, wish granted, Thank you Lord!, you are so awesome. And the late dinner fed a hungry soul and kept me awake, I cant sleep with a stomach freshly fed, I need to burn a few calories somehow and browsing through facebook and a few blog hopping was a great calorie burning activity to keep up.

Im tired.

I need to rest.

Tomorrow  is another day.