17 February 2011

Made me think.......

Things and events in life happen for a reason, nothing happens by chance or luck, they happen to teach us a lesson and I learned mine last February 12, 2011.

Maybe if I was not saved by that brave kid I may now be lying there as cold as steel inside a coffin.

I dont know if I'd look well inside a coffin, hmmm, of course I would want to look good inside a coffin, Id like to look like sleeping beauty than to look like someone who just died from drowning.

It was just a kids game, me and mam madz surveyed the depth of the pool step by step and with caution but to my surprise I just slipped and felt like theres a magnet pulling me deeper, i gasp for air, struggled and begged for help, with arms reaching out but death never came to mind, what was on my mind was that I have to get out of that depth, survival. I was helpless, I needed someone to rescue me that my state of helplessness.

Wew! That was close.

Im glad Ive reached my 35th birthday and there's so much reason to celebrate, another chance, one more year. Days after that many things came to mind. What if I died?

First lesson I have learned, that I should learn to swim. Well, I know how to float but during that time panic over powered me. It would be a shame but I should find time to learn, it never too late im not too old to learn swimming, anyways learning is a life long process.

Another lesson i have learned is the art of putting my plans and prayers to action. I always prayed that I will be able to share the gospel to my office mates, but that almost drowning incident made me realize that I prayed for years but never tried to share it to them, I had my own reasons that they were busy and I was busy, I kept on procrastinating and had alibis. Im just glad I already shared the gospel on my birthday, it was the best birthday gift I had, I ws the answer to my prayer.