02 March 2011

Wednesday weeping

Its a wonderful wednesday morning. I praise God for a new life, though I may not have everything in this life but Im thankful for all the blessings that He has poured, I may not have everything I want but I have enough to survive.There are so many reasons to smile, but this morning I had my reason to weep. I thought I have over grown the feeling, but I was never brave when it comes to matter that concerns fathers.

Yes, I cried this morning.

I saw rose rendon on facebook and I how I love the picture of her and her father.

I miss my father. I miss him so much. I ended up weeping. I wept hard. I never had the chance to have a picture with him and as far as I can remember we never had a family picture when he was around. My heart aches. Its aching more than the first broken heart I once had, its painful. Im embracing the pain. Its always this way, I end up getting involved with my emotions. Its already 3: 25pm and im always teary eyed since this morning when that thought comes to mind. I just try to think of happy thoughts to chase my tears away, but the tears just try to remind me that its alright to cry. Crying can be a good exercise for the heart.

Im not alone. There are lots of fatherless children in the world  but  cant I help but reveal the melancholic side of me, it does happen. Im just glad even though I no longer have a physical father  have my Father up there who has lavished me with so much love and care, who died for my sins and save my from eternal damnation, my first love love, Jesus Christ.
Its ok to weep once in a while.
Its ok to cry.
And to those children who have their fathers with them, pray for your fathers, for salvation,  for good health and for protection, always. Treasure each moment together.